Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

smokyeyesWe’ve all seen this look, the one that Kim K and others have made popular. The smokey eye makeup look is a look that makes men drool and walk into walls, and it makes women jealous. So here’s how you can get that same look.

There are many ways to achieve this look so we’ll cover from the most basic way to different methods for various skin complexions. Read and enjoy.

The Classic Smokey Eye Look

The classic smokey eye look is based on using dark eyeliner and mascara – typically black.

The technique that is used is a blocking technique which adds accent to the eyes. It works by contrast between the pupils, the white parts of the eye, the dark make up around the eyes and the rest of the skin.

This is the look that Kim K, Amanda Haynes, Miley Cyrus and Emma Stone use. That is the basics to getting this look. There are other techniques that we will discuss later on how to vary this look to bring out different tones and to ease the intensity.

Skin Color Variation

More olive, tanned, yellow and brown skin tones can produce the smokey eye look by using the traditional method but other colors can also be used.

Dark makeup tones that exist between black and a burnt sienna tone can be used to produce the smokey eye look. Surprisingly tones are dark but still not black like burnt sienna can also look great own fair skin women with light hair. For the various skin tones it makes sense to play around with different tones of make up until you find one that you like the most.

As you can see, the smokey eye look is very easy to get and there are also variations to the look. With makeup it is always beneficial to play around with different looks and tones. It is also a lot of fun to put your own twist or stamp on a popular look.

Hopefully this has given you a start so that you can play around with this look on your own and make it your own creation. Who knows, you might come up with something completely new, unique, awesome and completely your own. In which case, send us a pic because we’d love to see how you get on?

Good luck and have fun.