Does Your Smile Make The Grade

I know we should all be happy with our beautiful perfectly natural teeth.

But we aren’t of course – so we spend many hours every week brushing, flossing, buffing, tweaking and generally whitening our pearly whites.

Then of course, we go and drink tea, coffee and red wine to add a few stains because we love the process of cleaning them all over again 🙂

I have recently however been looking at some very different ways to beautify and generally clean your teeth whilst also avoiding that troubling bad breath. We are all so used to using tubes of paste that we’ve actually forgotten that toothpaste has only been popular in the last 50 years of so – before that we all used powders!

I digress however. Because the products I’ve been looking at are liquid, totally natural plant extracts and only require a drop or two on your toothbrush. And get this – they act as both a teeth cleaner, breath freshener and a mouthwash all in one. The one I’ve tried so far is called Dental Pro7. It takes a little getting used too but I quite like it so far (you can read a review of that Dental Pro7 here). The best thing about it is how incredibly fresh it leaves my mouth. At first it’s too fresh – I mean, seriously fresh! That’s what really takes some getting used to. But it only takes a few days to adjust.


There’s another very similar type of product called Oram Plus, which is probably worth looking at too. Again, it’s made of natural extracts which are designed to kill off bacteria and keep your minty fresh and all that.

For more help on caring for your teeth, check out the ADA’s Mouth Healthy site. They’ve even got a tooth fairy to help answer your kids questions about their teeth.