Fun & Effective Ways To Curl Your Hair

Beautiful curly hairDo you want bouncy, luscious curls in your hair? Are you plagued with straight, thin hair? If this is the case, do not assume that you can not have a head full of the bounciest curls. There are many simple and effective ways to curl your hair; try out these different techniques to see which one suits you best.

The Trust Curling Iron

Using a curling iron is one of the most common ways to achieve curly hair. Curling irons come in many different sizes, so you can choose anything from tiny ringlet curls to large, loose curls. It is important to remember to protect your hair when using a curling iron. Follow the directions that come with your curling iron, and protect your hair using an anti heat product. These serums, sprays and gels can be found at most drugstores.

To get a natural look using a curling iron, you may want to use a few different curling irons with different barrel sizes. Naturally curly hair varies and is not quite uniform, so try switching it up with different sized barrels. Barrels come in sizes as small as a quarter of an inch, and go up to two or three inches in size.

Curlers – Seriously

Another popular, timeless choice for achieving curly hair is using curlers overnight. It’s not particularly attractive to any bed partner you might want to impress, so choose your timing carefully on this one (more beauty tips here gals)! And using curlers is initially a bit time consuming, as it may take a few attempts to get the hang of it. But darn it, this does work really well. Curlers are typically used on damp hair and left in overnight. Some people choose to use electric curlers or rolls, and these are left in for a much shorter period of time.

Just Product To Enhance

If you have wavy hair, you may be able to enhance your waves solely by using products for curly hair. There are many different hair styling products that are specifically designed to boost curls. Many popular hair care brands sell gels, sprays, creams and serums that enhance curly hair. These products are typically applied to wet, clean hair to get the best results.

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Or Go Permanent..?

If you want your hair to have permanent curls, you may want to consider getting a perm. A perm, which is short for “permanent” (so many people don’t realise that!), is a chemical process done at a salon. This process requires some upkeep, but it will give you long lasting curls. Please do go to a hair stylist who is experienced with perms though. Home kits are cheap, but so are the results.

If you’re feeling brave, send me a photo of your new curls – or add a link to a snapshot in the comments below.