How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally At Home – In A Week

Glowing skin at homeGirls, you know you want naturally glowing skin. We all want to look gorgeous at all times right? So here are some pretty unusual ideas on how to get glowing skin in just a week using natural products you probably already have in your kitchen.


Getting a clear skin has never been easier thanks to lemons which contain citric acid. This can exfoliate and remove those dull dead cells from your skin in no time. Your skin will also manage to increase its self-renewal process thanks to the Vitamin C in abundance in every lemon. This process can also reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin too. It’s weird to think that when we call something a ‘bit of a lemon’ it has negative meaning – when they are actually an amazing fruit for improving the complexion of your skin!

Turmeric and Honey

Turmeric can help you minimize many types of scar on your skin, and it is also an outstanding antiseptic. If you have an infectious, inflammatory, or allergic skin disorder, turmeric can help a lot. Honey will also allow you to keep your beautiful skin treated, moisturized and can also help you ward off infection. These two mixed together make quite a power pack for your face.

Aloe Vera and Baking Soda

Aloe vera can help your skin to fight acne because it has many antibacterial properties. If you have irritated skin, this can also help because it has many anti-inflammatory properties too. Any scarring (acne or otherwise) can also be helped thanks to aloe veras astringent properties.

If you have problems with spots, pimples and acne then baking soda can help there too thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Baking soda is also an excellent substance to keep your skin free from dead skin cells, impurities and dirt, as it is also an exfoliating agent.

Blending the two together creates a really refreshing treatment for your skin. But if you want to take the appearance of your skin to a whole new level, add some cucumber to the mix too.

Papaya and Walnut

Improving the texture of your skin is easy when you use papaya. If you have scars, papaya could be your salvation because it has a lot of skin lightening properties that help to reduce the appearance of scars and dark marks. Papaya can also remove those dead skin cells from your face, and it has a lot of wound healing and antibacterial properties.

Walnut will allow you to keep your skin looking great too. Since walnuts have antioxidants, they will help your skin gain and keep a refreshing healthy appearance.

Making a blend of papaya and walnut also creates a delicious power packed duo – it smells great and is good enough to eat. In fact, you can eat it!

Treating Your Skin

It’s really easy to make skin treatments using these ingredients. Just make sure you grind them finely (in the case of walnuts!) and mix them well.  Also, be gentle when you apply them. Your face has delicate skin and you are looking for a healthy natural glow within a week – not red raw and sore!

Just give one of these treatments a try – 2 or 3 times over a period of 7 days – and start to see the difference in that natural healthy skin glow.